Boom Boom!

Hello Darlings! This week I am going to try to do two posts if not more. I really want to try to bring you more and I of course have a long list of ideas on what I want to share with you! Today's little cute number that I wanted to focus on was the... Continue Reading →

There’s this boy…

I figured this week I do a little story of a post. My hubby and I were hanging out in a really cute sim called Dream Catcher: We stumbled upon a really cute coffee shop and I just decided to start taking pictures for my post. I imagined a nerdy chick finding a cute cafe... Continue Reading →

Cupcakes in the Forest

I am loving all that is being offered lately, from the Gacha's to the WCF3, The Big Show, Chapter Four And opening tomorrow (3-12-14) The Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair (where my hubby will also be taking part!!!)! I love mixing different types of styles and making my own. I've also been trying to... Continue Reading →

Sweet Talk For Me

So much this week with the Whore Couture and Gacha Arcade opening on the same weekend. I got some goodies! And  I can't wait to continue to put together my ideas and use my creativity for more posts. I also want to thank those who have been visiting my blog, since I am new to... Continue Reading →

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