Party Girls Don’t Get Hurt…

❤ Hiyas!!
Today I bring you some really lovely and purty things! For Thrift Shop by TartCake, and some gorgeousness by DirtyStories and Dappa.
Enjoy and thank you so much for support and love you have given me!
Now on to the good stuffs!

Top- -TartCake- Bandana Tee’s F*ck Perfect – Thrift Shop

Jeans- -TartCake- Supa Booty Ripped Drk Blu – Thrift Shop

Tattoo- DAPPA – DAPPA – Ganesha Tattoo NORMAL –

Bracelet- [MANDALA] – Female_Chunkeeey!!_Silver

Purse- .DirtyStories, FairyTail Handbag – White Wings -

Shoes- .Dirtystories. .DirtyStories. Rock Star Heels Black

Hair- Analog Dog – Mono – blonde

Skin- Essences ~ Athena *medium 01* brunette

Eyes- {S0NG} :: Toki~ Nature Eye

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