La la la la! So excited with this post! I have so many gorgeous things to share with you today and I can't stop wearing this outfit! I think I will wear it all summer long and not care how much my pixels stink!  。◕‿◕。 The top is to be released by my hubby, owner of... Continue Reading →

Float On!

Oi Oi! This week I will be posting a few more posts than usual due to me being busy with work and summer fairs to go to with family! So it's my pleasure to bring you another post! Today I have some goodies from Suicide Dollz event, the MOH4, and some goodies from DSF (almost... Continue Reading →


Hola friends! So excited to bring you this post with some new sponsors that have been so kind enough to support my blog and my creativity. I want to personally thank Tartcake and [LDP] L'Douce Push for taking this new little blogger and being awesome enough to welcome me! I look very forward to representing your... Continue Reading →

Oh Kawaii Kollab!

Ello cuties!! I've done an absolutely fun and colorful collab with one of my oldest friends in SL, Ms. Gina Medley. We've finally put together something we hope you find fun, creative and colorful! We're featuring the cutest little dresses from FK! Designs that is being sold NOW at the Suicide Dollz biweekly event. These... Continue Reading →

Life is but a dream…

Hi dollfaces! Today I bring you newness! Collabora88 newness! Suicide Dollz newness! And an upcoming look at the new Dark Style Fair newness!! Also besides events, I have for you newness from FK!Designs, *AnymoreStore aka A*S! I love the fact that I was able to take a pinup look which I love and adore and... Continue Reading →

Trying my new wings

    Hi Dolls! Going a little "DARK SIDED" this week and having a bit of fun! New at DRBC is this gorgeous "Anais" outfit with ruffle shorts and an adorable top by Ms. Dizzy Kit! She's outdone herself once again. Please remember that a lot of her pieces can be worn with the Cute... Continue Reading →

Love, Forever More.

    Hai There!!! It's been a few weeks since my last post. RL always has a way of taking over, doesn't it ;P But I am back this week with some really fun, sexy and special stuff! Let me say that I am so proud to bring to you this post simply because it's... Continue Reading →

Mind Blown.

Mind Blown. My hubby did a set of really hot crop tops for the Suicide Dollz Event that will still be on sale until next week. They seem to be a hit as I knew they would be, so make sure to get yours before the end of the event. Of course you can always come... Continue Reading →

Boom Boom!

Hello Darlings! This week I am going to try to do two posts if not more. I really want to try to bring you more and I of course have a long list of ideas on what I want to share with you! Today's little cute number that I wanted to focus on was the... Continue Reading →

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